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“The Fastest Way To Launch and Scale Your Online Business

(without using slow spammy organic or expensive paid ads)

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The Secrets You'll Learn:

  • Why Client Attraction Methods Like (Groups/Messenger/Webinars/VSL’s/Launches,) are setting Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers up for Long Term Failure...(...unless they go hybrid)
  • ​Getting To Consistent 50k Months is Closer Than Most People Think...(only if these principles are used...)
  • Crazy powerful "new form"of traffic amplifies messaging, reduces acquisition costs & creates a flow of over 300+ leads monthly​ ('ll never run out of people to talk to) 
  • ​Why ONE Offer Limits Scalability and how to use the law of synergy to stack LOW, MID & HIGH Offers to maximise revenue for each new client (...this is an eye opener) 
  • Why an Overemphasis on Marketing & Sales is BAD for business and the exact structure experts MUST use if they want to build a consistent predictable business 
  • + The 5 Keys You MUST Know to avoid the coming ---> Coaching and Expert Epidemic

George & Manny are often called the "Pioneers" of Expert Business. 

Founders of the Tribe of Experts, Expert Freedom Show and EFA

They know how to simplify, systemise and scale experts to 150k per month in revenue.

In 2018 they we awarded the "Freedom Business Award” a prestigious award for location independent companies and are featured on Business Insider and Digital Journal.

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