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Watch This Short Training Video That Teaches You How To Get High Ticket Clients Organically Using 1 FB Live
Time has arrived! Let's get the wheels moving on your expert business.

What you're going to learn in this training: 
  • ​How attract high ticket client organically using 1 FB Live
  • ​The EXACT video script you should use if you want to get a flow of new strategy calls from your organic social media
  • ​Why indoctrinating your market before they get into your sales process makes selling 100x easier
  • ​Simple Video Script & Magic "Yes" Video Script you can deploy to build powerful content
  • ​How Do I Know What To Talk About? use this Simple Way To Always Know What To Talk About In Your Content.
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Couple of things to keep in mind.
1) These are all real clients. We hide their names to protect their privacy. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write.
2) Specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all extraordinary entrepreneurs with tremendous work ethic and amazing offers. They worked their butts off and pushed through huge challenges to succeed. This is not easy.
3) We have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. We take their word for it – we don’t ask for bank statements. Take it all with a grain of salt, if you like. Enjoy!
"They've Changed My Life...
Now Growing Like Crazy"
Moran Pober - Founder -
"What George & Mantas do is Magic"
Irina Fortland - Founder - 
"If You Have Too Many Offers And Are Confused... Go To George And He Will Help You Simplify Your Business"
Ed Rich - CEO - 
The Amount Of Value Is Priceless... The Way They Solve Problems is Like Having A Birdseye View"
Tyler Billions -
"£34K In 4 Weeks!"
Luke Scott - CEO and Founder of StandOut Online TV
$12,000 in 2 Days
I’ve spent over a year working exclusively with George & Mantas building my webinar funnels. They've been invaluable in helping me create an irresistible webinar offer that's made me £34,000k in just 4 weeks after launching. I'm closing people over the phone, so using this system to get more calls. George & Manny are a joy to work with and I highly recommend Expert Freedom
"$9K in 24hours"
Private Client= Personal Development Influencer
George and Mantas @ Expert Freedom are awesome. Launched the funnel for our new high ticket online group coaching course and I did $9,000! in one day using the "Magic" Webinar. Thank you
"2,567 Leads In 2 Weeks"
Private Client - Relationship Coach
Wow! what can I say. Expert Freedom have been instrumental in helping me build out my online sales funnels. In less than 2 weeks I grew my list by 2,567 leads for less than $0.58 per lead using Facebook Ads! I now have a stream of dream clients lining up to do work me every single day! Thanks guys! 
"Massive Traction"
Ryan Croy - PR Agency Secrets
In less than two months working with George, he's taken a longtime vision of mine and brought it to life in the form of a PR for Entrepreneurs virtual coaching program that's already seeing massive traction," "Now I not only understand the tech to accomplish this, which George walked me through step by step, but my message is crystal clear, I've implemented a highly optimised social media ad campaign, and most importantly, I'm impacting so many amazing people through my expanding community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking to take their PR to the next level but don't have the budget to hire an agency.
"$10,400 In First 4 Weeks Only Using Organic"
Nick Connor- Mens Performance Coach
Hey Team, happy Saturday! Just wanted to share a big $3,500 paid in full sale Boom!!
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